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Welcome to Braille Music Markup Language Archive

This library offers a larger number of Braille music scores, available in the BMML format. The BMML code is a descriptive language for Braille music scores. Files in BMML format can be read by the Braille Music Reader (BMR). BMR (Braille Music Reader) is a multisensorial, customised browser and notetaker for visually impaired musicians (professionals or amateurs). BMR lets you navigate a Braille music score as if it were an open book, and allows you to perform specific tasks, such as part extraction, zooming, hiding undesired signs, obtaining a new version using your preferred transcription modality (bar over bar, section after section, bar after bar). BMR reads files coming from "Resonare programme", a software for use of transcribers and proofreaders.

To download Braille Music Reader and jaws scripts in a zip file click on the following link:

Braille Music Reader (version 0.2.24 - 8121 Kb)

After download, unzip the files in a temporary directory, then execute EasyBmmlReaderSetup.exe and follow setup instructions.

To download Braille Music Reader read me click on the follow link:

Braille Music Reader manual (128 Kb)